Water Systems Frequently Asked Questions


As you can imagine, lots of different factors come into play regarding installations such as placement, distance to inlet of water, availability of outlet and drain, etc…. Installing a whole house conditioner and a reverse osmosis in a home will take 4-6 hours. In and out in one day!

There are so many, but here are the highlights. Appliances thrive when fed with soft water because they no longer have to deal with buildup or restrictions from minerals in the water. They last longer and perform better. You will use less chemicals such as scale cleaners, iron removers, even shampoo, detergents, toothpaste usage goes way down. In some cases, you will use only 10-20% of the amount you do now in each wash. Other benefits include hair and skin, cleaner clothes, less cleaning….and more.

You can contact our office at (410) 822-0900 and one of our water treatment specialists will come to your house and provide a complimentary water analysis. Once the testing is complete, you will know exactly what you need.

NO! Some conditioning systems need absolutely no maintenance. Softening units will require only a few bags of salt a month or less, depending on usage. We offer maintenance agreements where we take care of everything as well.

There are two kinds of water systems. Point of Entry (POE) or whole house systems are piped directly to and from your pressure tank or entry of your water in your home. The systems can stand in the garage, mechanical room, closet, basement or laundry room. POE units footprints can be from 2 sq/ft to larger systems that need 10-12sq/ft. Point of Use (POU) or under sink systems are installed under sinks or cabinets and filter just one faucet in your home. Reverse Osmosis drinking water systems are the most popular form of POU units.

Whole house conditioning systems will slightly restrict your water pressure, but not nearly enough to notice a change (3-5 psi max).

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