Generac Back up Power Easton, Maryland

There’s so much more to the electrical system in your home or business than a simple light bulb and a switch, and when the lights don’t come on the simplest of things becomes a major problem.  Not to worry, we offer full electrical services, from residential to commercial and industrial.

  • Residential Electric Repairs, Installation and Maintenance

  • Commercial Electric Repairs, Installation and Maintenance

  • Circuit Breakers, GFI, Panels, Lighting and Light Switches

  • Whole House Backup Generators

  • Attic and Crawl Space Lighting

  • Indoor/Outdoor Lighting Control

Our team of electrical experts have over two decades of combined experience in the electrical field.  We handle everything from small home projects to large-scale new construction and renovations.  One of the main components of a comfortable home is reliable power, but we often take it for granted.  Imagine having a house-full of guests to enjoy a long weekend, a family celebration, or the big game; now imagine how you would feel should you lose power due to a storm or downed power line.  Let one of our team of electrical experts size and install an on-demand emergency standby Generac generator and make certain you never miss a moment.

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